Plenty of amazing gaming content and
exciting challenges

Summon different kinds of rangers, buy higher defensible towers, and train magic skills to start to take adventures on the continent. Only by using flexible strategies can you defeat the changeable enemy formations to complete the various challenges, and defeat the enemy. Experience amazing game content and gain rich benefits by playing Krypto Ranger.


Tower defense adventure mode – Consume energy to summon rangers to fight, defend your own tower and try to defeat the enemy’s tower. In addition to powerful rangers and the tower, strategy is the most important key to winning the challenge, such as arranging the long-distance character’s position and releasing the particular skill at critical times.


Enemies have various types, including melee walking, flying, long-distance magic attack, and high strength hard to defeat. To win the challenge, sometimes purely strength is not the key but strategy and knowing your enemy’s weaknesses.


Players can upgrade their characters, purchase more powerful towers and learn skills, all kinds of NFT players have collected will show in the inventory selection.


The same NFT character can be fusion to level up to a higher rarity. When fusion to the highest level, legendary, the character can obtain exclusive awakening skills, which will become a more powerful ranger on your adventure journey.